Family speaks after toddler struck by bullet fragments in drive-by shooting in Overlea

They have taped plastic over the broken window in their mini-van, yet bullet holes around the vehicle’s window serve as a reminder to the victims of the drive-by shooting. 
"There's like a shot right here where it went into the car and it must have fell out."
A week after a car pulled up next to their minivan and a gunman fired several shots through the back passenger side window, a young mother shows us where the lone victim, her 2 year old daughter "Carlie," was struck by bullet fragments.
"Right here.  It kind of went in and went out right there."
The victims of the shooting are not identified. 
Police have now arrested Kenneth Brooks and Charles Patterson on attempted first degree murder charges.
The two men are brothers and investigators believe one of them spotted the family picking up a 19-year old friend who had helped put a third brother behind bars after a Towson robbery last year.
He tailed the vehicle and led the gunman to their location by cell phone.
The family never saw it coming.
"We were sitting in the front and we heard the noise, but it didn't sound like anything so we didn't think of anything... like it sounded like someone just hit the side of the car with a piece of ice and then we turned around---the glass is gone... my friend's screaming and that's when we knew like someone didn't hit the car with something.  Someone shot at us."
Three separate bullets hit Carlie's child safety seat including one that passed through the head rest.
As the toddler's injuries continue to heal, her family is relieved to hear of the arrests and realizes the shooting could have been much, much worse.
"Who know what would have happened if we hadn't stopped at that light and he made it to our house?  It was a lot of what “if”s.  I'm just thankful that she's okay."
The two suspects are being held tonight at the Baltimore County Detention Center with no bail.
We are intentionally omitting the victims’ names from this story for their own protection.
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