Teenage girls sexually harassed at football game


While some mothers put their daughters to bed worry-free Saturday night, two moms in Baltimore County had reason to worry about their daughter's safety.

Baltimore County Police say two 13-year-old girls told them that they were sexually assaulted in a wooded area behind Catonsville High School.

The victims said they met up with a friend for a football game hosted by t he Baltimore County Department of Recreation and Parks.

Four suspects tried to persuade the girls to go into the wooded area, but the girls refused.

The suspects did not take no for an answer and decided to drag the girls into the woods.

The victims said that all four of the suspects exposed themselves and touched them inappropriately.

Both victims fled the woods and ran to a relative's home.

The incident was reported 40 minutes after it happened.

Three of the four suspects have been identified, and police are confident that the fourth person will be identified soon.

All of the suspects are between 13 - 15 years of age.

The case has been forwarded to the States Attorney's office for review.

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