Teen pleads guilty to school shooting

Teen pleads guilty to school shooting

TOWSON, Md - The plea was a bit of a surprise.

The trial of 15-year old Robert Gladden Junior was supposed to start this morning with jury selection.

He was facing 27 counts, including nine counts of first degree attempted murder after he brought a shotgun to Perry Hall Highs School and opened fire.

But just before it could begin, Gladden's attorneys approached prosecutors about a plea arrangement.

"I think it was clear that the strength of the evidence could not have been a stronger case." County State's Attorney John Cox says.

Under the arrangement most of the charges against Gladden were dropped, but not for shooting Daniel Borowy who was hit in the back before a counselor was able to wrestle the gun away from Gladden.

Prosecutor John Cox says that although it is up to the judge to finally decide they have recommended a sentence of life in prison.

Cox says justice will be served by this.

"It was really clear of the brazen nature of what he did it was clear from all of the evidence that he thought about this for a long time and that he made the decision that he was going to cause misery on others before he took his own life that was something and the lack of remorse is something to factor in." Cox says.

After several weeks in the hospital Daniel is back in school.

His friends and the entire school rallied around him not because of what happened to him but who he is.

Daniel's positive spirit has inspired many and this plea will help with the healing.

"What does make me happy is the admission of guilt quite honesty that does make me happy a crime was committed a grievous crime against a very innocent person but it shouldn't have been a crime against anybody."

Milton Borowy says he wants to see changes made in how schools deal with children who have problems coping.

He says Daniel didn't deserve being caught up in someone else's problems.

But despite what has happened to him, his dad says Daniel is always Daniel.

"He's the best, hes the best if every person out there could live life the way he does which is say hi to everybody to give everybody a fist pump which is give everybody thumbs up, that's Danny, if Danny doesn't bring a smile to you you really have to check your heart." Borowy says.

Gladden will be sentenced next week.



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