Student brings gun to UMBC; person of interest questioned

Catonsville, Md - Early Thursday morning Baltimore County 911 got a call from a UMBC student.

She tells them that a guy she knows had a gun on campus near the West Hills complex on Walker Avenue.

The response is swift as county officers and UMBC police start searching buildings, door to door.

"I came in and my roommate said lock the door I said why I was half asleep and she says there was a lockdown on campus and we kept waiting for alerts and stuff like that and weren't sure if we should go to class and they cleared the other apartments and hadn't cleared ours yet." Student Lauren Mazzoli says.

Officers searched all the buildings room by room and did not find the suspect.

But they did find something else.

"We have located a hand gun that fits the description of the hand gun that the first person who called 911 gave to the 911 center and our police department we have that handgun in our possession." Campus Police Chief Mark Sparks says.

Chief Sparks says the suspect didn't threaten anyone with the gun just displayed it and the female student saw it and called police.

He says they sent out a series of text messages to let students know what was going on; warning them to stay out of the area around the West hills residences.

But they left the rest of the campus open.

Students received the messages and had to figure out what to do.

They say they were informed but a bit confused.

 "I was on my way to school about five minutes away I got the first one I was a little worried but when I got here I saw some security around and things seemed to be going normal so they seemed to have it under control. " Junior Dan Weaver says.

"My boyfriend told me that it happened right above his apartment so when I left that morning it was an hour later I wish I knew more information so I would know if it is a serious thing." Mazzoli says.

Police say Andrew Kelechi Irechukwu, a 21-year-old male UMBC student from Timonium, has been charged with dangerous weapon on school property, handgun in a vehicle, malicious destruction of property, and disturbing the operation of a school.

It is illegal to bring a gun to a Maryland college campus.

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