Recher Theatre to meet liquor board

TOWSON, Md. (WMAR) - Three weeks after a near riot broke out in the Towson circle, the Recher Theatre will come face to face with the liquor board.

The Baltimore County Board of Liquor License Commissioners says they made the decision to hold a hearing on October 29 based on police reports, and consultation with Baltimore County Police and the Chairman of the Board.

Chief Administrator mike Mohler says the board has decided to review the license of the Recher Theatre after reading about eight police reports related to last weekends violence.

During the hearing, the owner of the Recher Theatre will be allowed to give testimony on what exactly happened. Then the board will determine if the establishment will keep or lose it's liquor license.

The Recher Theatre came under fire shortly after a fraternity-sponsored event drew a capacity crowd and more.

The theatre's owner says he closed the doors once they reached 630 people, but as many as four times that remained out in the street.

With thousands of people standing outside, violence quickly ensued and escalated. One person was shot and at least seven people were arrested following the incident.

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