Police warn residents about phone scam

BALTIMORE COUNTY, Md. - The Baltimore County Police Department is warning citizens, especially senior citizens, about a phone scam involving delinquent taxes.

The week, a resident contacted the County's Office of Budge and Finance to report a phone call from an unknown person claiming that the resident's annual property taxes are unpaid and delinquent.

Last spring, a number of people contacted the county with the same scenario. All said the caller demanded additional funds to be mailed to them immediately, or the caller would dispatch a sheriff to the home to collect the money.

In at least one case, the caller asked a senior citizen for banking information.

The Baltimore County Police Department has released some tips on how to keep yourself safe.

1. Never give out personal or banking information over the phone.

2. Attempt to verify the identity of unknown callers, and if possible obtain a callback number. Remember, the phone number could be linked to a fraudulent location.

3. Never mail currency or checks to an unknown business or person(s).

4. Alert a close family member/friend and call police if the call appears suspicious.

5. Call the Baltimore County Taxpayer Services Section at 410-887-2404 for questions about property taxes.

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