Police warn of property tax scammers

TOWSON, Md. (WMAR) - Police in Baltimore County have issued a warning to the public, especially senior citizens.

A number of citizens have recently called the County's Office of Budget and Finance to report that they received a phone call from unknown person(s) claiming that their annual property taxes are unpaid and delinquent.

The caller demands that additional funds be mailed to them immediately or threatens to dispatch a sheriff to their home to collect the money.

Police say citizens should take the following steps in order to protect themselves.

  • Never give out personal or banking information over the phone.
  • Attempt to verify the identity of unknown callers, and if possible a callback number for them. That phone number can be linked to a fraudulent location.
  • Never mail currency or checks to an unknown business or person.
  • Alert a close family member or friend and call police if it appears to be suspicious.
  • Call the Taxpayer Services Section at 410-887-2424 if you have questions about your property tax/
  • Call 911 immediately if a suspicious person comes to your door claiming to be an official collecting property taxes. Baltimore County does not make home visits to collect taxes.
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