Police: Student had broken down shotgun

BALTIMORE, Md (WMAR) - In a special press conference Tuesday, Baltimore County executive Kevin Kamenetz offered thoughts and prayers for the 17-year-old victim of the Perry Hall High School Shooting. He also continued to praise school officials and students.

"It was amazing to watch ordinary people display extraordinary courage and leadership," he said.

Kamenetz's remarks were followed by Baltimore County Police Chief Jim Johnson's sharing of details of the shooting.

Johnson said the suspect in the shooting, 15-year-old Robert Gladden , brought a broken down shotgun into the school that he assembled in a bathroom and then took into the school's cafeteria.

Gladden has been charged as an adult with charges of attempted murder and assault. The police chief says investigators believe Gladden planned the events of the day.

Johnson said in addition to the shotgun, Gladden brought vodka and 21 rounds of 16-gauge 7.5 shot into the school. The chief said Gladden kept the items in a black backpack.

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"We know at this time, he was able to consume several sips of alcohol. But, we do not believe he was intoxicated," Chief Johnson said.

Johnson shared that the incident began as an item was thrown and landed near a table where Gladden was seated. He said at that point it is believed Gladden went to the bathroom, assembled the gun, came back to the cafeteria and pulled it from his clothing.

The chief said Gladden was immediately approached by school faculty members, but while they were making their way to the student, he was able to get a "random" shot off that struck 17-year-old Danny Borowy in the back.

Police and school officials said at the press conference that they believe bullying was not a factor in the shooting.

Gladden reportedly took the gun from his father's home. Police say the teen shared time between the homes of his mother and father, who are divorced.

As a side note, when officers responded to Gladden's mother's home, they found his stepfather, Andrew Piper, illegally in possession of firearms. Investigators say Piper also had possession of marijuana.

Parents near the school Monday afternoon anxiously awaited the arrival of their children, who had been dismissed early after the shooting. Parents and students at the school said Gladden posted on his Facebook page that Monday would be the first day of school and the last day of his life.

At Tuesday's press conference, Chief Johnson said social media was a part of the investigation. He also said Gladden is currently under psychiatric evaluation.

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