Police say woman struck two victims with car over parking spot

WHITE MARSH, Md. - You've probably seen in before---a packed parking lot, you have to jockey for a spot and then someone beats you to it (even though, by all rights, it was yours).

"The farthest I would go is a little horn honking… maybe a little yelling," said Charles Shott of Kingsville, "but I would probably just keep rolling on."

"I try to stay away from them," added Michael Wenczkowski of White Marsh, "I don't need any trouble.  Who does?"

A 35-year old woman from Edgewood, according to police.

Upset over missing a prized spot outside the Staples at the Avenue in White Marsh Friday night, she allegedly jumped out of her Oldsmobile and tried to take matters into her own hands.

 "The driver of the Oldsmobile and a passenger of the Volkswagen got into a physical fight and then the driver of the Oldsmobile entered her vehicle, pulled forward and struck the passenger of the Volkswagen pinning her against a third person's vehicle," said Cpl. Cathy Batton.

But she wasn't finished just yet.

Police say an innocent bystander who had called 911 then became her second target.

"When she observed the second person who was trying to get a tag number and take pictures of the incident, she then drove at the victim... striking her as well," said Batton.

That victim would get the last laugh though.

After her alleged attacker sped away, she provided police with the information that would lead them to her home on Monday where they arrested her.

"I don't like coming here when it's crowded," said Wenczkowski as he surveyed the parking lot just a mile from his home, "People are crazy."

*Police have now identified the driver as 35-year old Brandy Ames of Harr Park Court in Edgewood.

She faces a series of charges including first degree assault, two counts of second degree assault and additional traffic charges for fleeing from the scene.

A judge has set her bail at a million dollars.

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