Police say he also attacked 18 year old sister with kitchen knife


A 911 call for a double stabbing brought Baltimore County police to this townhouse in Nottingham just after midnight on Sunday, and it wouldn't take long for them to identify a suspect.
"We arrested a man on scene," said Cpl. Cathy Batton of the Baltimore County Police Department, "He has been identified as Paul White.  The woman who died was his mother, 46-year old Jeanette Williams and the victim that was transported to Bayview (Hospital) was his 18-year-old sister."
Police say white and his mother had gotten into an argument when he grabbed a kitchen knife and stabbed her repeatedly.
A family friend and neighbor, Rosanna Garrett, says she had encountered William's 26-year old son outside the home over the weekend and something wasn't right.
"Paul was going back and forth, back and forth and talking on his phone and talking out of his head.  He was like acting crazy and everything," said Garrett, "He was talking like in a foreign language like talking to himself... (gibberish)... and I said, 'What's wrong?' and he just kept talking to himself and everything."
Garrett says White had been diagnosed as bipolar and had spent extended time in a psychiatric facility, but when her youngest son died from a heart ailment last year, his mother decided to bring him home.
"She says, 'Me, being a mother, I want to make sure that my son is okay.  I don't want him to be locked up.'  So she got him out, and he was living here almost a year," said Garrett.
Police say White's other victim, his sister, Victoria, also suffered numerous stab wounds, but she's expected to survive.
White faces a series of charges including first-degree murder, assault and attempted murder.
He's being held tonight at the Baltimore County Detention Center with no bond.
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