Police officer shot breaking up crowd

BALTIMORE - It was a house party on a quiet block in Overlea.

Neighbors say it was getting unruly as early as one o'clock Sunday morning, by 3:17 a 911 call came in about a fight that spilled out into the intersection of Dale Avenue and Danville.

Just seven minutes later another 911 call was made by neighbor Jamie Trabing after she was woken up by a distinct sound.

"And then we woke up and heard the gun shots going off and stuff.  We heard like a pow!  And I looked out the window and then we heard probably like 10 more shots after that."

Police say those shots were fired at and two of them hit one of their off-duty officers.

He was driving through the area and the road was blocked by the crowd, the off duty officer asked them to move and then a man came out of the crowd shooting, striking the officer while in his car.

"That is all we know about the suspect at this time.  We'd like more information.  If anyone has more information for us, we'd ask them to please contact us as soon as possible," said Baltimore County Police Spokesperson Elise Armacost.

It is unclear whether the off-duty officer identified himself before the shots were fired or if he ever had the chance.

People who live in this block say they heard his screams after being struck asking someone to call police saying he was an officer down.

Patrolmen already on the way after the noise complaint made it to the scene shortly, coming upon what neighbors say was a loud and chaotic scene.

"It was like five or ten minutes of everybody just running and then coming back and getting in their cars and pulling away and stuff until the cops showed up and that's when everything calmed down and the cops were here and stuff," said Trabing.

Baltimore County Police have yet to release the off-duty officer's name, meanwhile the investigation is still ongoing and detectives have yet to identify a shooting suspect.

Anyone with information on this incident is asked to call Baltimore County Police at 410-307-2020. 
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