Police ID man charged with defiling Art Modell's grave

BALTIMORE - Baltimore County police have identified the man charged with urinating on the grave site of the late Art Modell.

Paul S. Serbu, of the unit block of Meadowcrest Drive in Franklin, Oh., was charged with one count of misdemeanor disorderly conduct in a cemetery.  Serbu faces a maximum sentence of two years in jail and a fine of $500.

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On July 22, a YouTube user by the name of, "BrownsFan4Life," uploaded a video that depicted a man wearing an Ed Reed jersey appearing to urinate through a catheter on the grave site of Art Modell at Druid Ridge Cemetary on Park Heights Avenue in Baltimore County. The man in the video then removes the Ravens jersey to reveal a Browns jersey.

On July 29, the Baltimore County attorney’s office authorized charges in the case, as in Maryland, there is a specific law that prohibits "indecent or disorderly conduct in a cemetery.” 

Kim Tarleton, a spokeswoman for the cemetery called the action “disappointing” and “disrespectful.”  

Scott Shellenberger, State’s Attorney for Baltimore County, made a point “to commend the Baltimore County Police Department for doing outstanding work in identifying the suspect involved in this case.

"Everyone who has buried a loved one has the right to believe that their final resting place will be treated with respect," Shellenberger continued. "Bringing charges against this individual should act as a deterrent to others and assure the rest of us that no matter who you are, indecencies will not be committed against your final resting place."

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