Police arrest two in murder of Dundalk man

Dundalk, MD - Most of the folks who live on Grey Haven Road in Dundalk have been here for 30 years or more.

And when new folks moved in they were noticed.

Everyone said that when 57 year old Jeffrey Jennings moved here a few years ago he seemed like a nice guy.

He kept his yard up and even built a deck on the back of house.

And then he vanished.

"Just disappeared we haven't seen him last time I seen him he was cutting his grass and after that we didn't see him anymore." Neighbor Debbie Wissig says.

The last anyone heard from Jennings was on September ninth when police say he talked to his son.

He was gone without a trace.

But as county police began to investigate this missing person case they began to look at this man John Joseph Leschefsky and his girlfriend Carollyn Robin Duschl.

We do know that there was some kind of acquaintance relationship between the victims and the suspects in this case but we have not determined the exact nature of this relationship and we have not determined a motive in this case." County Police Detective Cathy Batton says.

Leschefsky and Duschl were arrested and charged with murder on April third.

Shortly after their arrest police say they were led to this wooded area on Bengies Road in Middle River where they found a body that late today was confirmed to be Jeffery Jennings.

Folks here don't know what to make out of this.

It's been tough you know his son comes around and I talk to him all the time and ask him if he's heard anything and I know it's tough for him. "

Both Leschefsky and Duschl are being held without bond.

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