Police arrest 2 in Towson mall robbery

TOWSON, Md. - Baltimore County police arrested two men in connection with an armed robbery at the Towson Town Center, according to a release.

Damon King, 20, and Malik Smith, 17, are suspected of using a knife to rob a man in one of the mall's bathrooms back on Nov. 22. But the incident did not end there.

The victim retaliated. He chased the suspects down in the mall and wrestled one of them to the ground. The other suspect meanwhile pulled what appeared to be a handgun out of his bag, effectively ending the fight, allowing the two to run away.

In the scuffle, Smith dropped his mobile phone, which was recovered by police. Investigators used the phone to track Smith down and make an arrest. Over the course of the investigation, it was also determined the "gun" used in the robbery was actually a BB gun, police said.

King, of the 1700 block of North Fulton Ave., and Smith, of the 300 block of North Gay St.,  are charged with armed robbery.

They were indicted on Dec. 16. The suspects were denied bail and are currently held at the Baltimore County Detention Center.

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