Pikesville suspects may have struck before

You could see marked Baltimore County police cars patrolling up and down Hatton Road in Pikesville less than 24 hours after an unsuspecting neighbor opened his door to a pair of armed criminals.
Word quickly spread through the neighborhood, as neighbors turned to a community security group, Shomrim of Baltimore, to learn the details of the crime.
"They said something had happened.  They just said don't answer the door for anybody if you don't know them,” said Dana Stein, “and apparently these two guys knocked on doors until someone answered and they had guns and they stole a bunch of things."
The victims, a 16-year old girl and her father, were tied up at gunpoint and threatened with their lives as the two men made off with a laptop computer, ATM cards and pin numbers to match.
It is also believed the same suspects may have pulled off similar robberies near Old Court Road and another pair in Woodlawn last week.
It appears they knock at random doors until someone answers and then reportedly ask for a drink of water or make up some story about having car trouble to gain entry.
"I would definitely take secure measures and assure myself I knew who the party was,” said Bennett Goldberg, another of the victims’ neighbors, “After this particular incident, I think I would, as all people would, be much more vigilant."
"They tied them up?  Holy crap," said Stein, "Obviously I have a baby and I'm gonna get a pit bull is I think what I'm going to be doing.  I'm going to be getting a big dog." 
Police say the robbers wore coats with fur-trimmed collars, ski masks and carried a silver handgun.
If you know anything that could help investigators, contact Baltimore County Police. 
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