Man charged with killing estranged wife and her boyfriend

Suspect turned himself in to police

One man is in custody after a double-stabbing in Baltimore County.

Police say Bryant Walls turned himself in after killing his wife and the wife's new boyfriend.

Fingerprint powder stains the door of the apartment on Venus Court where Okemia Walls spent the last two years of her life.  Friends called her "Mommie."

"She was very friendly; a very friendly person," said her neighbor, Geneva Yarrell.

She'd been living in the Northbrooke Township apartments since separating from her husband, Bryant Walls.

But even with the separation they remained close.

"He was very respectable," Yarrell said.  "He never disrespected her in front of me or nothing."

"They'd separate, get back together, separate," added Pam Wilkes, another friend.  "So it was an on-going on and off thing for them."

Wilkes says most of her friends refer to Bryant Walls as "Bubbles."

"It hurts me to hear it, because I never would have expected him to have done something like that," Wilkes said.  "In my wildest, in my nightmares I would have never thought Bubbles would do that."

But police say Walls has admitted to killing his wife and her new boyfriend -- William Cunningham.

Investigators say around 2:30 Sunday morning, Okemia Walls ran from her apartment -- neighbors say she was naked -- but she didn't get far.

Police say Bryant Walls caught up with her and stabbed her to death along Hillsway Avenue just north of Perring parkway.

Then he turned himself in to police, and told them they could find Cunningham's body inside the Venus Court apartment.  He had also been stabbed to death.

"It's a misfortune. It's a misfortune all the way around for the neighborhood, for the family in particular," said neighbor Garry Washington.

And friends say Okemia and Bryant Walls leave behind a daughter, who is in her twenties.  "She lost both parents, one to the grave one to the state. So she's by herself. Yeah that hurts," Wilkes said.

On-line court records show Bryant Walls has several previous criminal charges against him, including assault and robbery.

In one of the assault charges -- a case from 2006 -- his wife Okemia Walls is listed as the complainant.  In that case he was found not guilty.

Walls is being held without bond at the Baltimore County Detention Center; he is charged with two counts of first-degree murder.

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