'Keyboard crime fighting' found Caitlyn Virts

If there was a common theme to the press conference that marked the end to the search for Timothy and Caitlyn Virts, it was "thanks."

Thanks to the multiple law enforcement agencies involved, the media and what Baltimore County Police Chief Jim Johnson described as "citizen keyboard crime fighters" was issued at the Saturday morning update on the case.

It's not the first time Johnson has used those words to describe passionate members of the community taking to social media to spread the word of issues that impact their communities. But, perhaps it will be the most memorable, as an Amber Alert issued for Caitlyn Virts was ended after a motel owner saw a post on Facebook.

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Timothy and Caitlyn Virts were located at the Colonial Inn Motel in Florence, S.C. An Amber Alert was issued for Caitlyn Thursday morning after law enforcement officials say Timothy took the girl and fled south to avoid arrest.

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Timothy Virts is a suspect in what Chief Johnson described as the "violent and gruesome" death of Bobbie Jo Cortez, Caitlyn's mother.

At Saturday's press conference, Chief Johnson said his agency is currently unsure about the motive in the killing of Bobbie Jo Cortez. 

Johnson also said investigators are unsure why Virts fled with only one child.

What they do know -- a goal of preventing further tragedy to an innocent child seems to have been met. Johnson said Caitlyn was found in a seemingly safe condition with no obvious signs of harm that may have taken place over a 48 hour period. 

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