Jury selection 'tough' in Huguely trial

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. - 7:15p.m. Tuesday - Judge Hogshire wrapping it up for the day. "Striking" the rest of the unwanted jurors will happen at 9:30 tomorrow.

4:21 p.m. Tuesday - The judge proposed ending jury-paring process now.  They're at 25 and originally wanted 27.  The defense said 'no.'  They want two more.

4:19 p.m. Tuesday - A husband and wife were both potential jurors.  Attorneys asking each whether they would talk about the case at home.  The wife said she would talk to her cats instead.  But both were dismissed.

2:47 p.m. Tuesday - A woman who said she was abused by her ex-husband was just passed through to the final 27 jurors.  Jury pool now stands at 25. 

2:08 p.m. Tuesday - They have 22 of the 27 potential jurors.  Once they get to 27, both sides will pick six.  Prosecutor Dave Chapman still hopes to get to opening statements today. 

12:56 p.m.  Tuesday - Lunch break.  Jury selection is still going slowly.  As I sat in the courtroom, I have a couple more thoughts.  There is a witness box in the middle of the courtroom.  In most of the court cases I've covered, the box is next to the judge.  This configuration will allow the judge and jury look directly at witnesses as they testify.

11:00 a.m. Tuesday - Judge calls recess.  Jury selection is tough in the trial of George Huguely in a Charlottesville courtroom.  Huguely faces murder charges for killing his girlfriend, Yeardley Love, a lacrosse player from Maryland.  Most potential jurors are familiar with the case. 

Some potential jurors have formed opinions.  One said, "At this point, I believe he is guilty."  That potential juror and many others were dismissed.

Courtroom is different.  The jury members will sit facing out, with their backs to the judge.  Usually, they're on the side.

Huguely has 11 family members in court.  About 20 are in the courtroom for Love's family.

The judge is trying to narrow the initial pool of 160 down to 27.  Then, each side will pick six jurors.

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