McDonald's parking spot squabble leads to assault

They come for the Big Macs, the Quarter Pounders and the Dollar Menu, but parking outside the McDonalds on Baltimore National Pike was at a premium on Saturday afternoon when one woman cut off another in her bid for a parking spot.
"The victim and the suspect became involved in a verbal altercation,” said Cpl. John Wachter of the Baltimore County Police Department. “During that altercation, the suspect went into the trunk of her vehicle and retrieved a long wooden object.  At this point, the victim decides that she's going to leave so she gets in her car to go to leave and as she leaves, this altercation is still going on, she throws a bottle of fabric softener at the suspect's car."
Unfortunately, neither of the women would score a Happy Meal on this day.
The aggressive driver decided to give up her prized parking spot to give chase, catching up with the victim who was sitting at a red light a short distance away at the corner of Old Frederick and Academy Roads.
She pulled her silver car in front of the victim's car and made good on her threats back in the shadows of the golden arches.
"The suspect strikes the victim several times with that wooden object and leaves the scene," said Wachter.
While police say they regularly get calls for disputes over parking spots outside restaurants, malls and other businesses, it's rare when they turn physical, and back at that McDonald's, customers are astonished someone would take it to that level. 
"That's crazy,” said Dionne West. “That's really crazy.  People are sick, I mean..."
Police are still trying to track down the suspect in this case.
If you were in the area of that McDonalds in the 5600 block of Route 40 around 2:30 p.m. on Saturday and saw anything, you're asked to call them.
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