Gladden still undergoing evaluations

BALTIMORE (WMAR) - Robert Gladden, the teen charged in Monday's shooting at Perry Hall High School, has yet to appear before a bond court judge.

Court officials say Gladden is still undergoing psychiatric evaluation and will not appear in bond court until evaluations have been completed.

Many expected Gladden to appear before a judge Wednesday after attempted murder and assault charges against him were announced by officials Tuesday .

Investigators say Gladden brought a broken down shotgun to school on Monday, assembled it in a bathroom and then walked into the school's cafeteria. A special needs student was shot and has been in critical condition at a local hospital since the incident.

The only court date currently on the books for Gladden is a preliminary hearing scheduled for September 7 at 8:30 a.m.

Students on Monday told ABC2 News reporters Gladden was bullied. They say he also provided what may have been a preview to the incident on his Facebook page. While investigators and school officials say they have not found any proof he was bullied, they admit social media is a part of their investigation.

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