Freshmen looking to move forward after shooting at Perry Hall HS

You never forget the first day of high school.  After today, that's an understatement for Perry Hall freshmen Jared Gos and Kelsea Burke.

"The counselor pushed the boy up against the wall and he pointed the gun up in the air and shot it and that's when everyone like bolted out of the cafeteria," said Burke.    

More about the counselor

Kelsea was in the lunch room.  Jared was in the gym locker room on lockdown, he says, for about an hour.

"I just came into the school.  This was my first time in there.  And this happening is just a huge surprise.  No one saw this coming," said Gos. 

That sickening feeling of a phone call, a shooter in your child's school may never fade.

"You cannot describe what it was like, just to be at work and to find out what had happened and not knowing the status of your child.  Where was Jared, where was Kelsea," said Amy Gos, Jared's mom. 

Two members of the Class of 2016 plan to walk back into Perry Hall for day two.  There's some comfort knowing more security will be outside of their classrooms.  

Dr. Dallas Dance spent his first day of school as Baltimore County superintendent on the phone with the police chief every 30 minutes.

"All of our schools have school safety plans.  Matter of fact, when I came on board in July I actually met with our fire marshals, police chief, as well as individuals and staff, to look at what our crisis manual looked like in general.  So we were well prepared for the situation," said Dr. Dance.    

Baltimore County School Emergency Response Protocol

Students will see more staff members and guidance counselors, too.  And you can't ignore the community impact. 

On Belair Rd., there are signs of Perry Hall coming together.  "Please pray for our community" is on the sign at St. Michael Lutheran Church.    

"I just want to find all of my classes because I didn't get to finish the rest of my day.  And I just want to see all of my friends," said Burke.

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