Few leads as Baltimore County Police continue search for killer

LANSDOWNE. Md. - It was Tuesday afternoon when someone called 911 asking police to check on an 80-year-old acquaintance they hadn't seen since Monday morning. When crews arrived on scene, they found Willard Rykowski stabbed to death inside his home.

"It's just something you don't hear of right at your own backyard," neighbor Rita Elkins told us on scene last week.

Now, a full week later, police continue their search with very little information.

"We have absolutely nothing. Somebody out there knows who murdered this man. Somebody has information, we just need that person to come forward," said Corporal John Wachter, with the Baltimore County Police Department.

They have very few leads and say that any information could help this case. They say there were no signs of forced entry into Rykowski's home, no signs of a struggle, and they don't know if anything was taken.

"Even if you think, 'Maybe it might not make a difference; it's not enough...' It might be that little bit of information that helps us solve this case," Wachter said.

Police and neighbors tell us the 80-year-old was well known and liked within his community and an active member in his church.

"This man has been brutally murdered. And, we need to bring the person who is responsible for this horrible crime to justice. And our detectives, we've got some really good detectives on this case, and they're not going to stop until they find his killer," said Wachter.

If you have any information on this case, you're asked to contact Baltimore County Police.




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