Fake cops invade Kingsville home

KINGSVILLE, Md. - The roads wind through the hills in Kingsville, the homes are large, the horses roam, but along Mt. Vista Road the ‘No Trespassing' signs and vigilant residents were no match for two frauds dressed as cops from committing a daring home invasion Monday morning.

"Seems like burglars will go to any degree to break in I suppose. That was probably the easiest way to do it." 

Because if you see a badge, resident Dave Frankenberger or just about anyone else wouldn't question it; not here, and that is what Baltimore County Police say their suspects were banking on when they knocked on the door of a home along the 74 hundred block of Mt. Vista Road.

All they needed for the victims to do detectives say was open the door, the rest happened too quickly to react.

"[One of the suspects]pulls a gun on the homeowner.  He immediately ties up the man and his son using some kind of tape.  They are left in the kitchen while the two suspects together ransack the house," said Baltimore County Police Spokesperson Elise Armacost.

Police say the fake cops made off with personal belongings and an unknown amount of cash.

It is unclear if they identified themselves as police or just relied on the badge, but neighbors here are relying on the real police.

An unmarked car was perched in the neighborhood for a good part of the day; detectives are interviewing people who live here and keeping a watchful eye.

So far the suspect description is vague and they don't have much to go on, but the community is helping fill in the blanks through word of mouth and social media.

"Usually people will let everybody know too.  A neighbor will call a neighbor and say hey...keep an eye out, keep your lights on, be aware of what's going on.  People around here are pretty good about that," said Frankenberger.

And that is what county police are banking on as they work to identify and arrest their two suspects.

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