Facebook sex exploitation sentencing

OWINGS MILLS, Md. (WMAR) - Joseph Anthony Kallash, 31, was sentenced today for sexually exploiting a minor to produce child pornography, after meeting on Facebook.

Kallash of Owings Mills was sentenced to 15 years in prison followed by supervised release for life. Upon his release, Kallash must also register as a sex offender.

According to his plea agreement, Kallash met a 15-year-old victim on Facebook in November 2010, while representing himself as a teenager. The victim was 'introduced' to Kallash through Facebook by her 15-year-old friend. The had accepted Kallash's friend request in the summer of 2010.

According to that friend, Kallash had sex with her at his residence in August of 2010.

In November, Kallash picked up the victim and two of her friends who had skipped school and brought them to his residence where they drank alcohol, smoke marijuana and watched a movie. Kallash too the victim in his bedroom where they had sex.

On June 21, 2011, after the victim said she would not have sex with him again, Kallash asked if he could have sex with her younger sister.

When Kallash asked about her younger sister, the victim called Baltimore County Police.

Kallah was arrested and admitted to having sex with the victim. Police seized two laptops, an external hard drive, iPod and camera from his home, all had sexually explicit pictures of minors. Those images also contained pictures of the victim's friend which Kallash had taken and sent to the victim's friend.

"Child molesters no longer need to hang out at playgrounds and shopping malls, because they have 24/7 access to children in their bedrooms," said U.S. Attorney Rod J. Rosenstein.  "If you let your child use a computer, smartphone, iPod or any type of internet-connected device without adult supervision, your child is in danger."  

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