Police: Drugs, paranoia fueled events

DUNDALK, Md. - Reports of an armed man with hostages forced the closure of a road, a school and an evacuation where the suspect barricaded himself inside the Winner Distributing Company, but 32-year old Clifton Rodney Duncan, Jr. would tell detectives upon his capture that he thought someone was pursuing him throughout the ordeal.

That, he claims, prompted him to drive erratically to the Kmart parking lot and to try to defend himself when he thought one of his pursuers had caught up to him.

Meanwhile, his first victim offered police a dose of reality.

"A witness flagged down one of our officers in the Northpoint area and told him that a man who was not wearing a shirt who was carrying a crowbar had just threatened him in the parking lot of the parking lot," said Elise Armcost of the Baltimore County Police Department.

According to charging documents, Duncan entered the Kmart and surveillance video shows him shooting up with a syringe before smashing a glass door and escaping through the garden center.

He told  police after he broke into a house on Eastdale Road, he stole a knife to protect himself, still under the illusion that is was bad guys, not police who were pursuing him, but he maintained he was armed with a gun throughout the ordeal.

"The suspect twice threatened to shoot our officers," said Armacost, "No shots were fired, but that threat was made several times."

Once Duncan fled the neighborhood and ran into the distributorship, police were able to evacuate 45 people, but we've now learned five others remained inside, hiding in a different part of the building while fearing for their lives.

"During that two and a half hours, they were not free to go.  They were essentially held captive in that building because of his criminal activities."

Ultimately, Duncan surrendered, and he's now being held at the Baltimore County Detention Center with his bail set at $350,000.

He faces charges of burglary, destruction of property and five counts of false imprisonment.

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