DNA helps close two Baltimore County homicides from the 1990s

TOWSON, Md. - Baltimore County police said they have cleared two homicides from the 1990s thanks to DNA evidence.

The first case involves Karen Delores Brown, who was 32 when on Oct. 5, 1994, a maintenance worker discovered her body under plastic bags in the area of the Liberty Dam. An autopsy concluded that she died of blunt force trauma and strangulation.

In October 2013, investigators learned that DNA evidence from the scene of the murder matched a profile in the FBI's Combined DNA Index System (CODIS). That profile identified the suspect, who at the time was incarcerated. Detectives interviewed the suspect, who denied involvement in the homicide. But, before he could be officially charged, he was found dead in his cell of natural causes.

The other case involved Annelise Hyang Suk Lee, 27, who was found dead in her apartment on Dec. 13, 1999. An autopsy conducted the next day concluded that she died of blunt force trauma and strangulation.

In March 2013, several items of evidence were re-examined and a DNA profile was developed from one of the items. That profile was later found to match a profile on file of a suspect who had a criminal record.

The suspect was incarcerated after the murder on other charges. When he was released, he fled the state and he committed suicide after being arrested on charges unrelated to this incident.

Police said both cases were reviewed by the Baltimore County State's Attorney's Office. That review concluded that the persons identified by DNA evidence were the persons responsible for the homicides.


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