Baltimore County School Emergency Response Protocol

The Baltimore County Public School system has a detailed Emergency Response Protocol.

Teachers and administrators have extensive training to handle all types of emergency situations. Monday's shooting at Perry Hall High School had many parents asking questions about the emergency notification system the school has in place.

In the moments after the shooting students described an announcement that was made throughout the building placing it under lockdown status.

Lockdown status is outlined on page six of the Emergency Response Plan. The lockdown order requires teachers to close all doors, and block any windows to their classrooms.

View photos from the incident at Perry Hall High School

Students are also escorted to an area of the room that is not visible to anyone who may be outside the room.

This was the scenario that played out for the students at Perry Hall High School Monday morning.

There are several overflow classrooms in trailers outside of the high school. Those students are also placed under lockdown for a period of time after the shooting.


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