County officer charged for dirty videos while on duty


When the father of a 16-year old girl discovered a video of a man masturbating on her iPhone back in January, he called the police.
Little did they know the suspect pictured in the front seat of a car would turn out to be one of their officers and the car was a squad car.
"They were able to see the uniform pants that we wear (and) a particular key ring that our departmental vehicles use as identification tags," said Cpl. Cathy Batton of the Baltimore County Police Department, "There was also a wedding ring that they could see that they were able to track to Officer Pross."
The department suspended 29-year old Aaron Pross, a husband and the father of a young child, but there was more.
On Pross's cell phone, police discovered at least 120 images and at least 20 videos of him and a 40-year old female engaged in other sexual acts and poses.
She told investigators they met on a dating website called, which promotes "finding your party anytime, anywhere", and they agreed to meet.
According to charging documents, she said she met Pross at the metro subway station near his Pikesville precinct and they drove behind a building next to the nearby 7-Eleven store where he cuffed her and photographed her nude on his patrol car before taking videos of her performing oral sex on him.
The time codes on the cellphone images placed him there during his work shift.
"They were able to match those visual clues along with audio clues such as calls for service that were being dispatched in the background as well as his work schedule to determine that this was occurring on duty," said Cpl. Batton.
Baltimore County's top executive reacted to Pross's subsequent arrest today.
"If he's convicted of this, he will not have a job in county government," said County Executive Kevin Kamenetz.
And even those police serve are shocked by the officer's acts if the pictures are telling the whole story.
"You're a cop.  You're supposed to save the world.  Not have women pinned to your car," said Indeira Foye of Pikesville.
Pross is charged with malfeasance in office, which is a misdemeanor, and he has since been released after posting $50,000 bail.
Other charges could be forthcoming.
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