2 speed cameras vandalized over weekend

Vandals used spray paint to black out lenses


Baltimore County Police say two speed cameras near Catonsville were vandalized over the weekend.

The vandals' first target was the lense of the camera on South Rolling Road, spray painted and then kicked loose off the foundation.

"People obviously are not really happy with the tickets that are getting sent to them in the mail.  Simple solution, don't speed."

Barbara Schuessler's view of South Rolling road is as good as the speed camera that once stood on it.

Drivers speed here she and many other neighbors say; reckless driving they say was noticeably in check when the camera here was in operation.

It is why people living here pushed for it to be repaired quickly after it was burned back in April and why they want it back again after it was spray painted this weekend; hoping it once again snaps away at speeders before the elementary and high schools here start up in the fall.

"It makes a lot of sense.  It is not being put there just to...it's got a real reason, for safety," said Schuessler.

It's the same reason why Travis Mayhle reported the damage to the second camera.

It sits on Sulphur Spring Road not far away from the other vandalized camera, also spray painted and also out of commission over the weekend.

This time though, the vandals had enough paint left to leave a profanity on the sidewalk, in the event their vandalism didn't speak for itself.

The camera was cleaned and fixed in a matter of hours; the sidewalk is another matter, one Mayhle took into his own hands.

"Wilkens precinct said they wouldn't touch the graffiti. They are more concerned about their cameras than the graffiti.  I just had to pay ten dollars to get some paint stripper for it," said Mayhle.

Baltimore county police say the other camera should also be up and running very soon.

Detectives have no suspects or witnesses in this case.

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