10 apartments broken in to near Towson University

TOWSON, Md. - Police in Baltimore County are investigating a rash of break-ins at apartment complexes near Towson University.

In April alone, police say there have been burglaries near campus, almost all of them at the apartments of female students.

One Towson University student, who didn't want to give her name, said she doesn't feel safe at the Donnybrook Apartments, which is where the most recent break-in happened, this past weekend.

She says it's happened to her before too. 

“Two of them were drunk kids, another one was a guy trying to climb through the back and into the apartment below us,” she said.

She got an official email from the university about the most recent incident, and she never leaves her doors and windows unlocked.

“It's not nice to be having to be looking over your shoulder every time you come home at night,” she said.

Six of the burglaries happened at the Kenilworth at Charles Apartments.

“We got a notice on our door and it said that a couple break-ins have been happening,” said Jordan Hanson, a Towson student who moved in there earlier this year.

Just as in the other communities, students are taking extra care to secure their apartments.

“The sliding glass doors on our balconies have a little latch bar that comes down. So I just always tell my roommate to make sure we lock it before we go to bed at night,” said Kaitlyn Scott, also a student and a resident of that complex.

Police say there were two separate break-ins at the Towson Place Apartments, which are technically off-campus but surrounded by it.

Police say most of the crimes have happened at night, and the suspect gets into the apartment through unlocked doors or windows.

Jewelry, cash, medications and other personal items have been stolen.

Investigators say they do have some leads, but so far no suspects.  They are asking anyone who sees suspicious activity to call 911.

The incidents occurred at the following locations: 


  • April 4: 1000 block Donnington Circle
  • April 5: 1000 block Donnington Circle
  • April 5-6: 1100 block Donnington Circle
  • April 8: 1100 block Donnington Circle
  • April 12: 1000 block Charles View Way
  • April 14: 1000 block Charles View Way
  • April 18-19: 7700 block of Greenview Terrace
  • April 18-21: 7700 block of Greenview Terrace
  • April 26-27: unit block of Fellowship Court
  • April 26-27: 200 block of Donnybrook Lane

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