Liquor Board to review fatal shooting, security at Windsor Inn

It was just before closing time, and police say a bouncer at the Windsor Inn was doing his job -- escorting unruly patrons out of the establishment when one of them fought back with deadly force.
"When our officers arrived they found 38-year-old Eugene Flanagan Jr. had been shot," said Cpl. Cathy Batton of the Baltimore County Police Department, "He was transported to Northwest Hospital where he was pronounced deceased and he was working at the Windsor Inn as a security guard at the time of the shooting."
The bar's employees had no comment today and asked us to leave, but its ownership will not be able to remain silent for long, if it wants to keep its liquor license.
"No one ever wants this to happen, but when it happens, we will take swift and appropriate action," said Michael Mohler, the chief administrator of the Baltimore County Liquor Board, "We will wait until we receive the police report.  Once we get the police report, we will review it, determine if the bar is in any way culpable.  If they are, we will issue what we call a Show Cause Notice.  It requires the owner to come to a hearing at which time he has to defend as to why his license should not be revoked, suspended or a fine imposed."
The same owner had a similar hearing earlier this year after a group of youths attacked three people in the parking lot of the business after closing.
In that case, the board determined the Windsor Inn was not at fault since it had locked up for the night, and there was no evidence the attackers had been inside the bar before the beatings outside.
In some instances, Mohler says businesses have elected to use metal-detecting wands to make sure their patrons aren't carrying weapons if they have recurring problems with security.
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