Woman who stole from disabled captured


A woman convicted of stealing from a man with intellectual disabilities has violated her probation and sentenced to finish the rest of her original prison term. 
Janet Gilmore was sentenced to nearly 7 years in prison for failing to fulfill the terms of her probation, which she received for teaming up with her boyfriend to steal more than $150,000 from a man with an intellectual disability. 
In early 2006, the victim began receiving requests for money from co-worker Joseph Moody. The two were groundskeepers at Johns Hopkins University, where the victim had been employed for 19 years, Moody for 10. 
Knowing that the victim recently inherited nearly $90,000 from his grandmother's estate, Moody asked for a load, explaining that if he borrow the money to pay his lawyer, then he would collect a settlement from a lead paint lawsuit. 
The victim consented and made more than 12 withdrawals for Moody, but over time, the victim realized that Moody had no intention of reimbursing him.  As the victim felt threatened, he continued to give money to Moody and Moody's girlfriend, Janet Gilmore, ultimately exhausting his entire savings of $94,802. 
Wanting more, Mood convinced the victim to take out bank loans for an additional $57,000. Gilmore was also able to convince the victim to post bail of $1,000 to get her friend out of jail, bringing the total to $152,802. 
In 2009, Moody and Gilmore were sentenced to reimburse the victim. Each defendant were to pay the victim $350 per month.  Moody remains in compliance with the order, but Gilmore has not. 
For years, authorities have unsuccessfully tried to locate Gilmore, traveling as far as North Carolina, but have not been able to find her. Then, one day a Baltimore Deputy Sheriff spotted someone familiar in the Circuit Court.
While the woman denied she was Gilmore to the Deputy, he persisted. The Sheriff recognized Gilmore because he had made previous attempts to deliver a warrant for her arrest. 
Gilmore was sentenced to the full balance of her 2009 suspended sentence, 6 years, 11 months and 29 days. 
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