Witness says 4th harbor stabbing started over racial incident

Harbor stabbing witness speaks out

BALTIMORE - It was one of his favorite things to do, celebrate the fourth.

A man who we will call John was watching the fireworks with friends July 4th on Pier Five when just down from where he was standing there were fireworks of another kind on the ground an altercation.

"And all of a sudden two people down from me this one guy in a white shirt jumps up and screams that that f--- n---- hit me in the head and he jumps up and runs into the crowd towards the light house and in doing so takes off his shirt." John said.

John said a man in a yellow shirt, who police identified as Joe Calo, took off to catch the other man, who was Calo's brother.

John said he was at the location most of the night and he had seen the victim, the victim's brother and several other people in their group drinking earlier in the evening, and he says he just thought it was going to be another stupid brawl.

"Me and my friends were like aw come on it's the Fourth of July there are kids around it's gonna be a fight." John said. "Then all of a sudden this guy in a yellow tee shirt comes back toward me he's clutching his throat like this and when he's holding it like this I knew at this point where he got cut and I knew it was that you can't stop that."

John and several other people tried to help Calo, even a nurse who was in a nearby restaurant tried to stop the bleeding from his neck.

But it was just no use.

"I'm standing up like this and his head was right between my legs and he looked up at me and that's when he died." John said.

With hundreds of law enforcement officers in the Harbor police say their response time to the incident was within minutes

But John said despite what city officials say, he says he saw little police presense in that part of the Harbor before the incident.

"I've seen city police officers and i see when something happens they're like the first to like go and step in and go hey you stop if there would have been one lice officer there when that started he would not have died and i firmly believe that." John said.

John said he's already told city police what he saw that night but says the reason he spoke out is because of what they're not saying about this.

He says what happened here is more complicated than just another fight.


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