West Baltimore residents say foot patrols will not change their way of life


Kids are out playing right where bullets were flying Monday night.  They are blocking shots on the court.  Police were blocking shots just steps away.

"It happens so much that when it happens it's like okay," said Dominic Carter, who lives in West Baltimore.    

But it's not okay with Baltimore City Police Commissioner Anthony Batts.  He was on Edmondson Ave. late Monday night after officers on foot spotted gunfire coming from a car.  Two officers shot back, killing one person and injuring two others.

"These are officers I have purposely put in this area to address crime.  We had violence that took place.  They engaged those people who were trying to take human life," said Batts. 

Carter has seen the crime get worse over the past decade.

"They're doing what they can, but they'll never be able to stop it.  They won't.  They won't.  It's too much going on out here.  Foot patrol is not enough," said Carter.      

Since March, police have sent out additional foot patrols to West Baltimore for noted gang activity and other crimes.  On Tuesday night, we saw officers in cruisers. 

Investigators are looking at a possible gang connection to the police involved shooting.

"I be seeing like four or five foot patrols up there, little incidents, little fights here and there.  Next thing I know they just break it up," said Roland Johnson, Jr., who lives in West Baltimore.    

Back at the playground, there are several kids with very little adult supervision.  People we talked to only guess what their parents are doing.

Carter doesn't let his 13-year-old nephew come out to play.

"It's too much for him to see, too much happening," said Carter. 

Carter is planning to move out of West Baltimore.    

Police say the two surviving suspects are in serious condition.  There's still no motive on why they were firing from a car.

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