Violent murder of 7-year-old and his mother still unsolved six months later

This weekend will mark the six-month anniversary of a crime in Baltimore City that stood out in its cruelty -- even this year, when there's been more than 300 murders.

Seven-year-old Kester Browne and his mother, Jennifer Jeffrey-Browne were both shot and killed inside their home on Upmanor Road, not far from Edmondson Westside High School.

“A mother and a son were brutally executed in their own home early that morning. We need to solve this case for this family,” said Lt. Jarron Jackson, a spokesman for the Baltimore City Police Department.

But it hasn't happened.  Kester Brown attended Baltimore International Academy and had been learning to speak Mandarin Chinese.

Police have not narrowed down a concrete motive, but they say someone close to the family has information they need.

“We don't believe this was random. We do believe that friends and associates have information that's vital. Vital to closing this case,” Lt. Jackson said.

Nearly six months since the murder of a woman and her young son in Southwest Baltimore -- and still no arrests, yet.

“We never stop working on cases. Some may take us longer than others to solve; but we never stop,” Lt. Jackson said.

Loved ones have been raising money for the victims’ family.  You can find more information at

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