Victim attacked after leaving Ravens Super Bowl rally

BALTIMORE - We have already seen images from Howard Street that show a pair of young men that square off with a group of teens and stab one of them to death in the process.
As a former trooper and security specialist, Chris Jackson has worked his share of homicides, but this time, the victim, 15-year old De'Ontae Smith, was his nephew.
"When it touches home it's a bit different.  It's even hard for me.  In my professional experience having dealt with it, it's still a world of difference having to deal with it.  Each day I have to remind myself not to ask for a quick result."

But a week after the murder, police have not arrested a suspect in this case.
Of course, they already have the surveillance images and know that De'Ontae had been at the Ravens celebration.
That's where it appears a disagreement over a girl may have first pitted the young men against each other, which later would lead to the deadly confrontation.
"The murder was several blocks away, but prior to them finding their way over there to that McDonald's and that establishment, there were some words exchanged."

Now, the family of the Patterson High School student must remain hopeful that someone will see the images from De'Ontae's attack and give police the lead they need to put his killer behind bars.
"As great a kid as he was, caught up in the love and pleasure that the city is experiencing with the Super Bowl victory... who wouldn't want to be a part of that?  So he and his friends skipped school that day and went down there to experience in it and unfortunately it turned out to be tragic, but that's one day that we all wish we could just take back."

A viewing for Smith runs through 8:00pm tonight at the Vaughn Greene Funeral Home on York Road.

A wake and subsequent funeral will be held at Antioch Baptist Church on St. Paul Street tomorrow from 11:00am to 1:00pm with his burial service to follow at Holy Redeemer Cemetery on Belair Road.

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