Tyrone West's family not giving up

The family of a man who died while in the custody of Baltimore police is not giving up their fight.
Tyrone West's family want the officers involved punished, even though an independent review has found that they did not use excessive force in that attempted arrest last year.
This past Friday afternoon, the Baltimore Police Department released that independent review of the actions surrounding the death of Tyrone West, which happened on July 18, 2013.
Members of West's family reject the findings of the review board.
“This is what we are fighting for, and we're going to continue fighting until we get justice for Tyrone it will come out.  Just like we've been saying. We know what you did, we know who you are,” said West’s aunt, Diane Butler.
The board found that the two officers who pulled West's car over in Northeast Baltimore, and several more officers who responded later, did not use excessive force.
“The IRB concluded that Mr. West died suddenly while engaged in an extended period of resisting lawful arrest by the Baltimore Police Department,” said the chair of the review panel James Stewart, at a news conference on Friday.
West's sister Tawanda Jones, faults the report for what it doesn't include -- such as statements from neighbors who, they said, saw what happened.
“Why wasn't it mentioned that my brother was dragged out of the car by his dreadlocks and was called the n-word on several different occasions,” she said.
The board did find that the officers "departed from some BPD policies and training and made several tactical errors that may have extended the length of physical encounter, compromised officer safety, and potentially aggravated the situation."
And the board criticized a lack of communication with Tyrone West's family.  On Friday Police Commissioner Anthony Batts said many of the board’s recommendations had already been implemented.
But family members say even after everything that's happened, no one from the police department called to tell them the report was going to be released.
“I found out through Twitter,” Tawanda Jones said.
Last year another investigation by the Baltimore City State's Attorney's office also cleared the officers.
Tyrone West's family members still believe it's a case of racial profiling -- and murder.
“When is enough enough?  You can't just keep killing us and getting away with it,” Jones said.
Members of Tyrone West's family have filed a lawsuit against the city police department, and they've also asked for a federal civil rights investigation.
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