Police: Suspect who killed two with car has a violent past

The callous disregard for the lives extinguished in her path, as 28-year-old Lucresha Mints drove her car onto the sidewalk here in the 1900 block of West Franklin leaves the grandmother of 2-year-old Joshua Carter filled with remorse, hatred and a thirst for vengeance.
"She didn't care, but could you all just put me in jail with her for five minutes.  Five minutes.  Give me five minutes with that b----," said Helen Whitfield.
In addition to the toddler, 25-year-old Latoya Skipwith also was killed.
Her boyfriend says in spite of reports that he, Skipwith and Mints were part of a love triangle, in reality, that was in the past, and bad blood resurfaced when Mints showed up Tuesday in the neighborhood and got into a shouting match with the victim.
They say Mints got out of her car and brandished a knife, but when a few people started walking toward her, she jumped into the car, turned it in their direction and hit the accelerator.
"He's feeling remorseful now because he said he didn't even know this was going to happen and I don't know right now how the situation happened,” said Whitfield, “You would have to talk to him, but you can't talk to my niece cause my f------ niece ain't here." 
According to charging documents, just two weeks earlier in an unrelated incident, Lucresha Mints had joined in an assault on a 12-year-old girl who had gotten into an argument with her nieces and at one point began kicking her in the face and stomping on her nose causing swelling and bruising over most of her face.
It may serve as even more evidence that the suspect had a tendency to meet confrontation of any kind with relentless violence and a total disregard for human life.
"I came down the steps and all I seen was my niece right there and my grandson in my son's hands and both of them died.  This b---- deserves the death penalty and that's what I mean," said Whitfield.
Mints is being held on a series of charges including two counts of first-degree murder.
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