Baltimore police arrest woman suspected of intentionally killing 2 people with her car

The woman police say was connected to a crash that killed a woman and little boy in west Baltimore is now in custody.

Officers arrested Lucresha Mints, 28, of Baltimore. Mints was so far just charged with traffic related offenses, although police said more charges are likely.

Neighbors said it was a typical night on West Franklin Street at its intersection with Monroe Street. After finishing her day, working at a mail processing company, Latoya Skipwith would go to that area to visit family.  Latrice Bryant, Skipwith's sister, said, "Every time she gets off work she goes home, showers, picks up her kids from daycare, and she's outside."

But, Tuesday night, Theresa Edmonds heard a crash, and ran to the steps outside.

"There was blood everywhere,” she said. “The railing was off. I saw damage to the awning. Everything was a complete total mess."

City police said Skipwith had an argument with another woman, who then got into a parked car on Monroe.

Skipwith's friend, Danielle Morring, said, "Even if she did incur a situation where she had an altercation, it's really hard for me to believe that it was something bad enough to cause a response like this."

The crash that killed Skipwith, also killed her 2-year-old second cousin Joshua Carter. Another victim, a 7-year-old girl, survived.

"It never had to end this way,” Morring said. “The same way the young lady got in her car and drove toward them, she could have gotten in her car and driven away."

Family members said Skipwith leaves behind two daughters, who saw exactly what happened to their mother.

"I held both of them in my arms last night,” Theresa Edmons, Skipwith’s friend, said. “They were crying very badly because they witnessed what happened as well."

They said Latoya may have been trying to move the children out of the speeding car's path, but the driver ran them down before they could get away.

 “It really doesn't even feel like she's gone because right about this time, she'd probably be pulling up with her babies,” Bryant said. “It's just sad. Tragic"

Friends and family are planning a vigil at the scene in West Baltimore at Franklin and Monroe, Friday night at 7 p.m.



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