Transgender woman's body discovered in Northwest Baltimore

ABC 2 confirms victim was sibling of NBA player

Baltimore - Baltimore City Police made a gruesome discovery early Wednesday morning in an alleyway behind Piedmont Avenue in the Northwest side of the city. 

Officers say they were serving a warrant when they found the body of Kevin Long.  The 26-year-old went by the name Mia Henderson.  Investigators aren't giving many details, but say Henderson suffered severe trauma.  They’re calling her death a homicide.

"She appears to have been there for a few hours," said Lt. Col. David Reitz.

Police said they're investigating if the brutal killing is connected to the death of Ricky Hall.  She was known as Kandy, and her body was found in Northeast Baltimore on June 3.  Officers said Kandy was stabbed to death.

 “We're looking at everything, all the evidence, any clue and everything to see if they're connected or not connected,” Baltimore City Police Maj. Dennis Smith said.  “We're checking to see if these victims ever had any contact with each other, we're looking at all different angles to see if they're related or not related."

Police met with members of the local LGBT community today to assure them the department is taking the crimes seriously.

"We need to solve this case, we need to solve the cases that are open, I will not slow down, I will not allow us to not stay on top of these, I will push extremely hard,” said Baltimore City Police Commissioner Anthony Batts.  “We want to be strong partners within our transgender community, not by talk but by actions as a whole.”

These words aren't helping people like transgender woman Lasaia Wade feel safer at night.  She said she feels targeted by the violence, and leery of law enforcement.

"There's a disconnect due to the fact that we don't trust them, there's a disconnect due to the fact that they don't trust us and they label us as certain things that we're not," she said.

"My family used to say the proof was in the pudding and we need this approached differently,” Jacqueline Robarge said.  “We cannot wait for the plans to unroll, we can't wait for the trainings or the other kinds of things that are in the works, we need action now."

"We need the partnership of the Police Department and the community to come together before anyone else dies," said Mark Mclaurin.

We spoke with members of Henderson's family Wednesday, but they didn't want to comment.  ABC 2 News has learned LA Clippers player Reggie Bullock is Henderon's sibling.  Through Twitter he says Henderson never cared what other people thought and would do anything for the family she loved.


City police say they need your help to solve this case.  If you've seen anything suspicious or know anything about Henderson or Hall's deaths please give them a call.

“We need information, we need data, we want anyone to call and let us know through Metro Crime Stoppers.”

That number is 1-866-7-LOCKUP.

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