The mother of 13-year-old Monae Turnage says her daughter was left die

In the two months that passed since her daughter's death, Edith Turnage has dealt with the grief and the endless updates that are often too shocking for her to comprehend.  She knows this much:  Monae Turnage,13, was shot the first weekend in March and now she believes she was left to die.

"When they brought all the evidence forward that's when they said that she was still alive," said Turnage.    

Turnage says the evidence was brought up in juvenile court this week, when 12 and 13 year old boys admitted to accidentally shooting her daughter and hiding the body.  It was the first time Turnage's mom heard Monae had a chance to survive. 

"I felt as though they could save my daughter's life or somebody could have saved my daughter's life if the police or the ambulance had been called in," said Turnage.    

Instead, Turnage's son found his sister's body near the East Baltimore home of one of the boys.  Also in court, prosecutors revealed the DNA from the mother of one suspect was found on Monae's body.

"If she would have told me, called me and told me it was an accident, I could have took it better.  Okay, things happen.  But when you don't call me at all, then that makes me think," said Turnage.    

Turnage knows the woman, who we will not identify in order to keep the juvenile suspects anonymous. 

The case has seen earlier twists and turns.  Martinez Armstrong, 21, who is the half brother of one of the suspects, was charged with being a felon in possession of the rifle used to kill Turnage.  Also, a police officer who was friends with the family of one suspect was suspended when the rifle was found in his car.

"It makes me feel bad cause I wasn't there for my child.  I can imagine in her mind when she got struck by the bullet, what was she saying like oh my god, where's my mother, is nobody here with me, I'm all alone by myself," said Turnage.    

Monae's mom is processing her grief through counseling.  We are told a sentencing date for the two juvenile suspects will be held later this month.

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