Suspected BGF gang member charged in triple shooting, murder

A marked Baltimore City police car sits outside the home where the triple shooting occurred even though the alleged gunman, 27-year old Laser Womack, is already behind bars.
After all, witnesses have identified Womack as a member of the Black Guerilla Family or BGF, a violent street gang, and there's no guarantee that the violence will end here.
"We believe that there was a BGF connection to this,” said Lt. Eric Kowalczyk of the Baltimore City Police Department, “The depth of that we're not going to get into.  Again, we're going to let our homicide detectives continue to pursue leads that are in this case to make sure it's fully brought to a conclusion."
Word of an arrest has done little to erase the memory of the shootings on Tuesday night that left 21-year old Johniece Sheppard dead.
"You could tell he was panicking.  You got to help me, help me, help me.  Just come please."
Shortly after the gunfire, a family friend, who does not wish to be identified out of fear for his own safety, ran to assist the victims in what he described as a bloody scene.
"I look over and I see my friend on one knee... one girl in his arm... one girl over his shoulder.  One is not moving.  The other one looks me right in the eye and she's gasping."  
According to charging documents, Womack was inside the home when he went upstairs and looked around before returning downstairs, pulled out a 45-caliber handgun and shot the three victims multiple times as they sat on a sofa in the living room.
A witness was able to pick Womack's picture from a photo lineup.
"You know I guess they invited this person into their house and had no clue that this was his intention... looking them all in their face and... you know... and a couple of minutes later that happened," said the would-be Good Samaritan.
People in the neighborhood report seeing the suspect openly selling drugs in that community in recent months.
Tonight, Womack faces a series of charges, including first degree murder.

A suspected Black Guerrilla Family gang member has been charged in connection with a triple shooting after witnesses say the fatally wounded victim identified him as the shooter.

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Laser Womack, 27, of the Brooklyn neighborhood in Baltimore, is charged with first- and second-degree murder, two counts each of attempted first- and second-degree murder and several related assault and weapons violations in connection with a Tuesday shooting that killed one person.

Witnesses told police that Womack was inside the home in the 3800 block of 8th Street at the time of the shooting, according to charging documents.

Womack went upstairs and looked around, came down the stairs, allegedly pulled out a .45 caliber handgun and shot 21-year-old Johniece Sheppard, a 20-year-old man and 16-year-old girl who were sitting on the couch in the living room, according to charging documents.

Sheppard told a witness Womack was the person who shot her, charging documents state.

Witnesses also identified Womack as a member of the Black Guerrilla Family gang.

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