Baltimore man charged in death of five year-old daughter

Child found dead in a bathtub

BALTIMORE - City police have charged Matthew Carr with first and second degree murder along with felony child abuse for the death of five year old Maya Carr his own daughter.

It happened in a house on the 3400 block of Callaway Avenue in North West Baltimore late Monday night.

Police say they got a 9-11 call from the home saying that the child was in the bathtub and was not breathing.

Firefighters took the child to Sinai Hospital where she was pronounced dead.

Police say doctors at the hospital found several injuries on the child which lead detectives back to the father.

"the little girl had trauma to most of her body doctors found fractures in her face several of her ribs had been fractured and we need a suspect the only person who was at home at the time was the father homicide detectives brought him down interviewed him quite extensively after which they came to the conclusion that he killed the little girl."

Police have charged Carr with first degree murder, first degree child abuse resulting in death, assault and reckless endangerment.

Carr was arraigned this morning in district court and is being held without bond.

A preliminary hearing for Carr has been set for March 27th in District Court.

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