Surveillance video captures theft of money intended for charity

Money stolen from Eastern Animal Hospital

BALTIMORE - At Eastern Animal Hopsital in Southeast Baltimore, they do what they can to help sick and injured animals -- often with the aid of local charities that donate money for diagnosis and treatment.

There used to be jars at the front desk, to collect money for those charities. That was until Tuesday morning -- when a client noticed they were gone.

"She asked where our jars were, and that's when we realized they were missing," said Kristy Twining, the manager of the hospital.

There is a surveillance video camera behind the counter, so staff members checked the tape from Monday, and saw a woman near one of the collection jars.

She had come in with a sick kitten that she said her boyfriend found. In the video, the unidentified woman can be seen playing with the jar. The next thing you know, it's inside her jacket.

"It's very slick," Twining said, adding that there were actually two jars stolen, but you can only see one in the tape.

Then the woman meets up with the boyfriend, and they're out the door. "It's really upsetting to see what someone will go through and the sneakiness used to steal from a great organization," Twining said.

A total of about $50.00 was taken. "We would still like to continue to collect money for these charities but we're hesitant to put the jars out on our desk because we don't want this to happen again, so we will still be collecting but maybe in a more discreet way," she said.

Since this story aired on ABC2 News, viewers have been calling the shelter asking to either make a donation to replace what was stolen, or adopt the puppy seen in the story.  We reached out to Eastern Animal Hospital and they gave us two easy ways to make a donation.

You can donate to the Chloe Foundation , an organization that helps people pay for tests and procedures for their pets that they couldn't otherwise afford.

Or, you can call the Eastern Animal Hospital and make a direct donation.  The number is 410-633-8808.

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