Student sexually assaulted at Notre Dame of Maryland University

Police have no suspects

BALTIMORE, Md. - UPDATE  | Police say the victim in the alleged sexual assault case at Notre Dame University of Maryland gave a statement that lead detectives to determine that the "original incident of a sexual assault was miscommunicated."

Baltimore City Police say that there is no threat to the campus or it's neighboring communities.

Detectives are planning on leaving this case open in the event there are any developments in the investigation.



The search is on for a man who sexually assaulted a student on the campus of Notre Dame of Maryland University.

The campus is taking precautions and trying to reassure students.

It happened early Monday morning.  University officials say a student was leaving the campus library to walk back to her dorm when a man approached her with a knife, and sexually assaulted her.

The news is a shock for students on the leafy campus just off Charles Street in North Baltimore.

"I go to the library by myself, and I've come back by myself before so I was freaked out about it," said Mariam Tekola, a freshman from Prince George's County.   "The gates are always open so anyone could just come in on campus and blend in."

Freshman Amber Rippetoe of Pasadena was walking home from the library the night after the attack, when she got the university-wide e-mail alerting students about what had happened.

"I read the first paragraph and i just ran back here, and then I read the rest of it," she said.

Now she plans to walk with her friends, especially at night.  "I go with them and they walk together all the time," she said.

Security has been stepped up at Notre Dame, along with neighboring Loyola University.

"It is a campus; we're all girls. So I always thought something could happen," said Notre Dame junior Krystal Washington.  "But I mean, was I surprised? It can happen so no not really."

The university also has an escort van that students can use for a ride to and from campus buildings; students say they'll be using it more often

"I think it's unsettling because it's not common on our campus and I think students generally feel very safe," said Rebecca Sawyer, Vice President for Student Life at Notre Dame.

Police have only an extremely vague description of the suspect.  The victim in this case is said to be doing as well as can be expected.

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