Stolen ATM and Jeep found at Leakin Park (VIDEO)

BALTIMORE - It was routine patrol of Leakin Park Monday morning until an officer stumbled onto a stolen treasure for thieves. An ATM to the left of a Jeep, both located on a rugged trail.

They were found around 10:30 a.m.  A crime scene detective dusted for finger prints and took pictures in the wooded area.

"They look like a pro, you know," said Max Zheng, owner, Spring Laundry.    

Zheng’s business is about 10 miles from where the stolen ATM and Jeep were found. 

"This morning, someone break in the front door.  They come straight to the ATM machine and took it out, pried it off, just took it out," said Zheng. 

Zheng knows it took less than five minutes after watching video from his surveillance cameras.  He showed us three people with their faces covered pull up outside of this store in what looks like the same Jeep.

Three people came in and three people carried the machine out and stuffed it into the stolen vehicle.  Zheng says a few thousand dollars were taken.  Plus, he says he paid $1700 for the machine.

The ATM was found at the park about five hours later, along with the Jeep, which police say was stolen from Baltimore County.

Baltimore City Police say you can call detectives at 410-396-2444, if you have information to track down the suspects.


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