3 Murdered from 6 shootings in Batlimore mark bloody holiday weekend

A day after a double shooting on South Mount Street, there's no shortage of marked police cars, but ironically, within a few feet of this stone dedicated to the ideals of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., complete with a call to end the violence, 16-year old Oscar Torres became the latest casualty of the city's mean streets.
Brendan Walsh and his wife run a soup kitchen at the nearby Viva House.
"We heard the ambulances and the fire department and the police here, but as we understand it, the shooting took place here and a person died and another person was taken to the hospital about half a block up," said Walsh.
Even with six shootings and three murders over the extended weekend, the city is still on a pace to bring its homicide number below 200 for the year, and Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake says she's hopeful the police can keep making progress.
"It was tough.  We all know that the beginning of the summer season means a lot of things in Baltimore.  You know it means the weather is going to start getting hot, the pools are open, but it also means that it's the start of a very violent season,” said the mayor, “Historically, the summer has been a challenge and that's why I worked so hard with the new police contract, because it will help us to be a more nimble police force and put more officers on the street when we need them... when these incidents are happening."
But back on South Mount Street, Walsh has his doubts.
He says until jobs return to the area, there are not enough officers to address the root of the violence.
"We've had another murder up the block.  We've had a murder right up here... right in front of the church, so there's been a fair share of violence in this zip code.  It's one of the poorest zip codes in the city if you would check all statistics almost in every category---employment and everything like that."   


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