Shooting underscores need for new curfew in Baltimore, residents say

The official police account says a teenager was shot multiple times in Northwest Baltimore in the wee hours of the morning Friday. He is expected to survive, but there's much more to his story.
"Fourteen years old.  A young man just coming from the store on the way to his grandmother's house," said Iris Queen.
She said as the young teen was bleeding profusely in her front foyer, he recounted how he and his cousin had heard someone laughing a short distance behind them on Dorithan Road, concealed by darkness just after midnight.
"He heard some sparks or saw sparks hitting the sidewalk.  He thought they were maybe somebody throwing firecrackers, but then I guess when he realized they weren't firecrackers, he started running," said Queen.
The young boy, who had suffered a fractured leg recently playing sports, had to abandon his crutches as he was ducking bullets. Queen suspects he was shot for sport.
"It almost sounds like it was someone maybe in possession of a gun that had nothing better to do with their time then to try to maybe see if, 'Can this young man run?  He's on crutches.  Let me see what will happen if we do this?'" said Queen.
In a few weeks, the city will begin enforcing one of the toughest curfews in the country -- one, which would have required that same shooting victim to have returned home more than an hour earlier. But other teens in that same neighborhood say that should already be the job of parents, not the police.
"You all are already assigning us a curfew, but we should already be in the house by a certain time, already hit the porch by a certain time and then that would have been prevented," said 15-year-old Johnny Woods.
Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake said the new policy may force those parents to step up.
"We know that there are kids that are out there.  People see it,” said the mayor, “It's not doing anybody any good to turn a blind eye to it and pretend it does not exist."
Especially in a city where those same kids can become targets for no reason at all.
"Why would they want to harm a young man just coming home from the store with a friend?  You know.  It doesn't make sense," said Queen.
The unidentified teen suffered gunshot wounds to his torso and ankle, but they are not deemed life-threatening.
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