Shanizya Taft's mother speaks out after arrest

Dozens of cards clutter the coffee table at Shanell Pryor's home serving as small pieces of evidence of the love from family, friends and strangers. 
That is what she says has been helping her cope with the loss of her 12 year old daughter, Shaniyza Taft , who she says was very well loved. 
"At her funeral when I walked in and saw all those people it was like, like wow. It was touching but still sad at the same time," Pryor said. 
What has also helped somewhat is an arrest by Baltimore police. 
"It was a sense of relief but it can't bring my daughter back. But I'm glad he's off the streets though ," Pryor told ABC2. 
Investigators say 20 year old Kevin Simpson is responsible for Shaniyza's death. 
"This was somebody who had no regret for any other life but his own," Lt. Eric Kowalczyk said. 
Investigators say it was May 27 that police tried to stop Simpson in connection with a murder investigation when he sped away.
Charging documents say he was driving up to 81 miles an hour in a 35 mile an hour zone when he crashed into the minivan carrying Pryor and her two daughters.
The impact was too much for Shanizya.
"My daughter was 12. I mean, he's getting less time than the age she was," Pryor said. 
That is her reaction to hearing about the ten year sentence Simpson faces if convicted of vehicular manslaughter.
In the meantime police are still working to connect him to the murder of Oscar Torres, which is the reason they were looking for Simpson at all on that fateful Tuesday night. 
"He is absolutely a person of interest, we believe he is connected to a number of crimes throughout the city of Baltimore."Lt. Kowalczyk said.
Police are asking anyone with information about Simpson's involvement in the Torres murder or any other crimes to call them.
Simpson is being held on $1 million dollars bail. 
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