Second police-involved shooting in as many days

BALTIMORE - An anti-crime initiative in Northwest Baltimore ended in a shoot out between officers and an armed man, and those officers didn't miss their mark.

Police say a squad car equipped with a license plate reader was patrolling in the 5000 block of Pimlico Road trying to identify suspects' cars from other crimes when the officers heard gunfire.
They spotted a man coming toward their car with a gun in his hand from that first shooting when a second round of shots began.

"(They) immediately engaged the guy, exchanged gunfire," said Baltimore City Police Deputy Commissioner John Skinner, "Fortunately for us, the officers are fine.  The male was struck several times in the upper body and is currently at the hospital being treated."

Police say a recent series of robberies and another shooting prompted them to begin concentrating patrols in that area just south of the Pimlico Race Track.

They say their increased presence also led to last night's confrontation and subsequent shooting.

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